Famous Freemasons

Throughout the centuries, there have been many public figures that have openly expressed their fealty to the Freemasonry and were part of the “Freeman fraternity”. This includes some of the American founding fathers, American presidents, actors as well as comedians. Without further ado, let’s look at the list and see if any of the names come as a surprise to you.

Famous actors that were Freemasons include Clark Gable, the iconic actor known as the star of “Gone with the Wind”. He shared the nickname “King of Hollywood” with another fellow Freemason: John Wayne. Other colleagues included comedian Richard Pryor as well as Mel Blanc, known to some for his work on the Looney Tunes cartoons.

George Washington, as well as Benjamin Franklin and Franklin D. Roosevelt, are just a small sample of Freemasons who succeeded in becoming American presidents.

The magician and illusionist Harry Houdini was also a member. Going back in time, legendary writer, poet and playwright Voltaire was in one of the first French lodges.

Despite the strict secrecy in the organization, Freemasons are not bound to not publicise their membership. They are however bound absolutely to never reveal the goings-on within the fraternity.

This is why it’s now known that famous jazz musician, composer and pianist Duke Ellington was also a member. As was the very sadly missed Nat King Cole, as well as one of the greatest musician of all times: Louis Armstrong.

Colonel Sanders was also a Freemason – he is best known as an entrepreneur and founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken. An unusual mention on the list goes to Sugar Ray Robinson who was a boxing superstar.

From this list, it is clear to see that Freemasons are a very diverse bunch, except for gender diversity where females still encounter a lot of barriers and lack of recognition. Aside from this, Freemasons seem to include individuals from almost all walks of society. From the religious to the scientific, from the philosophers to the artists, Freemasonry certainly has an extensive reach.


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