Freemasons and Conspiracy Theories

Nowadays, conspiracy theories abound and cover virtually any topic. So it should come as no surprise that even the powerful elite that has historically often tied to the Freemasonry couldn’t escape being included in some of the wildest stories, some of which are listed below.

As with most conspiracy theories, there is little empirical evidence to back up these claims – this is even more so the case with such a secret society. Some of them portray Freemasons in a negative light, although no one knows for sure if their activities are good or bad because of the very nature of the institution, and may simply be a manifestation that people, in general, are afraid of what they don’t know. In any case, if you meet a Mason don’t judge a book by its cover!

One theory that often is complicit in many other Freemason theories involves shreds of the New World Order theory which sees them as plotting together to advance their secretive work on society from the inside out since many are (and have been) judges, or held positions of power.

Another theory is that Freemasons are sort of Satanic, in that they worship and make sacrifices behind closed doors to evil powers. The church has officially banned Catholics becoming Masons as early as 1738. This may however be because the Freemasons allow anyone into the organization that believes in ‘a god’, and don’t limit the membership to Roman Catholics alone, i.e. the Catholic Church is opposed to its the organisation practicing other religions. This theory also refers to a passage from a published document in the late 1800s of a Freemason in which it describes worship in the organisation to the deity ‘Lucifer’. This conspiracy doesn’t take into account what the word Lucifer meant back then, compared to its more devilish association in modern times.


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