History of Freemasons

The following is a brief history of the rich history of the mysterious Freemasons.

There is a much debate about the origins of this secret society, especially pertaining to when it was first formed. A commonly embraced theory among lodges and Masonic scholars dates it back to the early Middle Ages. Much of the symbolism, art and language used among Masons comes from that period of time. There is even a poem titled Regius Poem – dating back to around 1390, it is the earliest existing document known to make reference to the Masons. It itself is a duplicate of an older composition.

The year 1717 marked the formation of the first Grand Lodge of England, and historical records onwards are more thorough.

In a mere time span of thirty years the brotherhood had spread well within Europe and the Americas. In addition to U.S. presidents belonging to the organisation, several figures considered to be founding fathers of the United States were also Freemasons: this includes legislators as well as intellectuals.

The hundreds of years of its rich and intricate reach in society, even at the highest levels, has resulted in Freemasonry firmly being set around the world.

The movement has also been influential in that toward the end of the 1700s Freemasons played a role in spreading the ideas of the European enlightenment. It was between the 17th and 18th centuries that the institution seems to have undergone its greatest growth. Freemasonry places an emphasis on the value of philanthropy and care, and was the sole founder and responsible for many orphanages and safe homes for widows as well as the aged. They have had a positive influence on society since before that era.

In the present day, the Masonic Fraternity donates millions of U.S. dollars everyday to a variety of causes and urgent needs. From children’s hospitals, aiding in medical research and helping their local communities where they are situated.

The movement is growing and bestows its goodness from its ideals and its virtues.


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